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  • HHolland Wildflower Farm, for more than 30 years, has been growing and mixing wildflower seeds and providing native plant seeds to home gardeners, landscape designers, municipalities, land managers, and retailers.

    The HollandsLandscaping with wild flowers was easy, the right kind of land-scaping for a busy home and family, where things come back and naturalize. I thought there must be others interested in natural landscaping using native plants. That's how Holland Wildflower Farm was born, as a need for native plants from seed."
    ~ Julie Holland
  1. There are so many reasons to choose wildflowers!

    • Create an eco-friendly garden
    • Use native plants for LEED certification
    • Design a special regional landscape
    • Prepare a low-maintenance planting
    • Beautify roadways and public lands
    • Create a cottage garden or meadow
    • Encourage pollinators and native wildlife

    Wildflowers and native grasses are also perfect for a wide range of private and public land management projects.

    • Native prairie restoration
    • Forest fire recovery
    • Erosion control
    • Water-filtering ecosystems


  1. We're wildflower specialists

    Our seeds are top quality, grown in the appropriate area of the country by hands-on farmers, and mixed by experts. You can be confident of the freshness and purity of our seeds–and you can be sure that you’re getting just what you pay for, with no fillers.

    Holland Wildflower Farm is a family farm owned by a botanist and an ecologist, so you can be confident of our technical support as well. When you want to discuss specs for your project, sourcing, care questions, soil preparation, or other wildflower questions, you can be confident that we'll have the answers.

    We also enjoy working with landscape designers, land managers, and other professionals on larger projects. If you need collaboration rather than answers, we welcome that opportunity.

    Find your regional wildflower mix


  • Seed mix packets for our retailers

    Would you like to carry Holland Wildflower seeds in your shop, or do you carry our seeds and you’d like to be listed?

  • Seed holder pix

    Call us at (800) 684-3734 or email us at wildfloweranswers@gmail.com

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